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For more than 40 years, Caryl Henry Alexander’s work has harnessed the power of creative collaboration with multi-generational, multicultural, and interfaith communities to conceive, design, and implement community art projects in diverse public settings around the globe.

In the studio, Caryl's work includes painting, printmaking, papermaking, textiles, installations, and sculpture. Her media are both traditional and experimental; often incorporating recycled or found objects, and natural plant materials.

Out in community, she combines her roles of visual artist, teaching artist, curator, researcher, lecturer, writer, and social activist to support communities in clarifying their common goals and, together, turning their ideas into action.     


Her long-term focus is on culture, environment, and nature. She has exhibited throughout the US and abroad. Her media are both traditional and experimental; often incorporating recycled or found objects, and natural plant materials.

This journey is the purpose, connections with creative beings, Human, plants, the elements that make our world so very interesting. Sharing stories verbal, visual, musical, dance by any and all means necessary.

Excited to share that

50% of all proceeds from

Auntie Caryl's Art & Herbs Winter Wellness Kits will benefit the

Cape Coast Street Art Project

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This is the purpose: to give and receive, to help and be helped, and to leave a legacy of connection with our interconnected web of life.

The Cape Coast Street Art Project


The Cape Coast Street Art Project was born out of collaborative workshops in 2006 with AfricArt International, an organization representing the arts community in Cape Coast, Ghana.


In 2015, we began to plan this creative, cooperative, transitional, community-based economy that focuses on people, place, and imagination. We spoke in depth with local Cape Coast artists and community leaders to assess their needs and plot their future.


The project will finally come to fruition in July 2021, as part of Ghana's 10-year "Beyond The Return" initiative to attract people of African descent living in the diaspora.

FPI is an association of artists united to develop cultural concepts into business activities for artists at Cape Coast heritage sites. The organization helps to identify potential in the youths of Cape Coast. It then teaches them to trust in and develop their own creativity, so they can innovate solutions to grow and sustain the economy of their community.


This is a multi-generational pursuit. At its center is a goal to provide the current artists of Cape Coast - young women and men - with the time and space to develop sustainable resources for their lives with art and creativity at the center.

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My work is supported in part by the Maryland State Arts Council (

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