Caryl Henry, Artist with a Purpose

For more than 40 years my work has harnessed the power of creative collaboration with multi-generational, multicultural, and interfaith communities. Together, we conceive, design, and implement public art projects in diverse public settings.

I work with media that are both traditional and experimental, often incorporating recycled or found objects, and natural plant materials. In the studio, this work has spanned painting, mixed media printmaking, paper making, textiles, installations and sculpture. A strong long-term focus in my artwork is on ancestry, culture, environment and nature. This art has exhibited throughout the US and internationally in small museums, in galleries and online.

When I am working in community, I endeavor to combine elements of my skill set that include, visual artist, teaching artist, curator, researcher, lecturer, writer and social activist. I, together with project participants engage the arts to identify common social and cultural goals and turn their ideas into action.

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