I work with media that are both traditional and experimental, often incorporating recycled or found objects, and natural plant materials. In the studio, this work has spanned painting, mixed media printmaking, paper making, textiles, installations and sculpture. 


A strong long-term focus in my artwork is on ancestry, culture, environment and nature. This art has exhibited throughout the US and internationally in small museums, in galleries and online.


Thematically, my art has always been about culture, nature, and humans. It has often been influenced by place, as I travelled around the country and the world: California, New Mexico, Florida, Ghana.


To this day, no matter what else I am working on out in the world - community and social justice projects, growing herbs - I am also in the studio, painting, constructing - and projecting my own voice into artistic existence.


The body of work is significant now, and I plan a retrospective by 2022! I hope you will join me when the time comes.


Enjoy this gallery of my favorite works, legacy and current. Please call to inquire about any of these pieces.

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