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2022 Winter Wellness Kit


Taking orders now for the

Limited-Edition of Auntie Caryl’s

2022 Winter Wellness Kits!

What's In the Kits?

Dream Pillows - Auntie Caryl's Art & Her
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Lavendar Soap from Li's Botanicals, California


  • Virtual Meeting Background Art from Caryl Henry Alexander, for the 12 Months of 2022

  • An original piece of music by Li Schmidt, featuring piano, percussion and voice 

Personal Care

  • Organic CBD Massage Salve 

  • Lemon Balm Hydrosol

  • Good Hands Sanitizer (lemon balm, lavender and lemongrass)


  • Breathe-In Steam Inhalation Blend (mullein and lavendar)

  • All Natural 4 oz Elderberry Elixir

  • Dream Pillow (lavender and mugwort)


  • Herb "BBQ" Rub (parsley, sage, rosemary)

  • Hibiscus/Mint Tea Bags

2020, The Story of the
Very First Winter Wellness Kit

In March 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic began to grow around the world I realized that I would not be able to carry on my art practice in the ways that I have traditionally worked. 

Most planned projects were either canceled or postponed and some turned into electronic gatherings. I pretty much committed to staying close to home, and began to bring more focus to my Gratitude Garden.

The plants were happy, as my love and attention was much appreciated. This abundance of time to really be with the garden, the plants, the insects, the soil, and the weather was healing and empowering. I noticed that my neighbors also showed a new interest in what I am growing.

Out of these experiences came a new idea for a product – or series of products: Auntie Caryl’s Art & Herbs 2020 Winter Wellness Kits!  Auntie Caryl’s lets me continue sharing my art with you as well as the abundance of herbs and love that has emerged from this time of being in strong relationship with nature and HER HEALING and BALANCING energy.

Auntie Caryls-2020-Winter-Wellness-Kits.

My Gratitude Garden in Clinton, Maryland has been a kitchen garden since 2004 and a medicinal herb garden since 2010. I have served family and friends for many years with herbal tinctures, teas, and tonics - as well as dream pillows and other gifts that are derived from the garden.

Spring/Summer Herb Boxes

Auntie Caryl's Art & Herbs Spring Wellne

The boxes I send in spring are likely to contain the traditional spring herbs for cleansing and refreshing, rebuilding our  strength and energy - the energy of spring.


Spring boxes may include:


  • Dandelion

  • Lavender

  • Spring onions

  • Plantain

  • Mullein

  • Burdock

  • ...and more herbs with rejuvenating properties 

Kit buyers will also be invited to participate in Auntie Caryl’s gardening and herb-growing workshops and trainings. She’ll show you how to grow herbs for culinary and medicinal uses, mixing and combining for the tinctures and teas that keep mind, body, and spirit humming along in every season.

Workshops: Herb and Plant Medicine

Join me for workshops and practical training on: 


  • Medicinal vs. culinary herbs

  • Herbal healing and energetics 

  • Small-batch tinctures, salves, teas

  • Organic herbs by the ounce

  • Local herb and plant discovery walks in different parts of the country

  • Herb garden planning and planting

  • Other topics of interest to the naturalist


We’ll announce them here, but join our email list to get plenty of notice and advance tickets to limited-space events.

Copy of mullein-gratitude-garden-clinton

Workshops: Herb Garden Planning and Planting (Coming Soon!)

65th bday 2020 in gratitude Garden.jpg

Individual and group classes will help you start your own gratitude garden. Lessons include planting, cultivating, harvesting, and processing: tea, tinctures, salves. 


When I had the privilege of working on a gardening project with women farmworkers in Florida a few years ago, I got access for the first time to information about Latin American medicinal plants. I immediately learned, as we planted, told stories, and made art -- is that there is a lot of cross pollination. From South Carolina, to Jamaica, to Guatemala - we may call our medicinal plants by different names, but the same knowledge traveled to all these places. 

So, what herbs do you want in your environment?  Healing, cooking, or visioning herbs?

Your harvesting plan includes guidance on refining the herbs into the forms you’ll use to utilize them (for example teas or tinctures), and making sure you have the right equipment (for example: hanging racks, bags, bottles, etc.) to accomplish the whole task. We’ll give you the proper timeline, and help you understand every process in your herb garden journey.  

We will:

  • Work out a plan based on how you intend to use your herbs

  • Plan for your location, space, and capacity (how hard you want to work!)

  • Create a plan for the harvesting (together or on your own)

Please join our email list to learn about upcoming workshops.

Know Your Body - Take Care With Herbs

Like any other herbal preparation, not all of them work for everyone in the same way. If you experience any discomfort, discontinue use. Herbal treatments are meant to enhance any health care system, not replace it. Seek a doctor’s advice if you have questions. And lastly, know your own body. Sometimes you may need more or less of something. If you have a sensitivity to a certain herb, replace it with another or eliminate it entirely.

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