2020 Winter Wellness Kit


Auntie Caryl’s 2020 Winter Wellness Kits


$199.00 ea.



USPS flat rate medium





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What’s In the Kit?

Especially for you, I’ve created an original mixed-media artwork on handmade paper for each box. The paper is made from fibers that come from Gratitude Garden and also from gardens that I visited in my travels to  Florida, Nigeria, and Ghana. The fibers from which the paper is made are naturally dyed with local berries, nuts, and flowers.


Each kit will arrive inside a beautiful original woodcut-and-silkscreened organic cotton tote.


Other items you’ll discover in your Kit:


  • Handmade Calendula and Lavender Soap

  • An aromatherapy Dream Pillow    

  • Healing Love For Your Throat Tea

  • Catch Your Breath Tea

  • All-Natural Handmade Skin Moisturizer Salve

  • Thyme Tincture

  • Tulsi Elixir

  • Culinary Spice Mixes

  • Seeds (to grow your own flowers and herbs next spring)!

All Auntie Caryl’s herbal products are grown, packaged, and processed with sustainability top of mind.

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