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2021 Sunshine Wellness Kit

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What's In the Kit?

All Auntie Caryl’s herbal products are grown, packaged, and processed with sustainability top of mind.

Spirit Sticks

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Dream Pillows - Auntie Caryl's Art & Her
Lavendar Soap from Li's Botanicals, California
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In addition to the bounty from Auntie Caryl’s Gratitude Garden and Li's Botanicals, the 2021 Sunshine Wellness Kit will include some new items from Liz’s Kitchen in Sonoma County, California.


From Liz, look for some "Lovely Lemon Balm Hydrosol," a naturally scented product made through a distilling process using just two ingredients: homegrown lemon balm and filtered water.  It comes in a 2-oz. mister-spray bottle for a gently hydrating and toning mist on your clean face and skin. 


I’m also going to throw in a 4-oz. pump bottle of "Good Hands Sanitizer" to keep in your car to clean and disinfect. Made with tea tree, lavender, and lemongrass essential oils along with Vitamin E oil, 95% ETOH, vodka, and aloe vera gel. 

Other items you’ll discover in your Kit:


  • Yard art from Caryl Henry Alexander

  • "Musical Medicine," an original song from Li Schmidt

  • Organic, handmade chamomile and calendula soap

  • Organic CBD Massage Salve 

  • Good Hands Sanitizer with Lemon balm, lavender and lemongrass

  • Lemon Balm hydrosol

  • Organic-2 oz Herbal BBQ rub

  • All Natural 4 oz Elderberry elixir

  • All Natural 6/4 cup Hibiscus/Mint Iced Tea bags

  • Dream pillow

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