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The Trees that Chose Me

Putting to Rest The Trees That Chose Me

September 8, 2021

oak trees, collage, different times of year
The old oaks in Gratitude Garden (until 2021)

Feeling sad and anxious today. Two of our grandmother oaks (Iya Agba ~ Yoruba) were hit by lightning and killed. They had to be cut down.

YES! Two of our giant 80 ft. tall beauties.

They have been my friends since 2004 -- although I believe that they have lived here for at least a century. Their energy helped me choose this property in the first place. Or shall I say, the trees chose me.

For these years they have kept me cool in the hot Summer. And filtered the air that I breathe.

I love the contrast of their dark layered bark when newly coated with snow.

Each year has been defined by the rhythm of their buds and flowers.

By leaves opening into a green that covers their crown.

At this time of year the green begins to fade in it’s brilliance, and along with this comes falling acorns signaling the onset of Fall.

From buds and flowers to red and yellow leaves, I have to say that I am fascinated by these trees. They keep me grounded in our seasonal cycles.

I know that the family of oaks, that live here around me are feeling this loss today.

I will miss the sound of the wind passing through their leaves and branches. Their dance that has been captivating and inspiring.

Thank you Iya Agba (grandmother) for the strength, wisdom, and beauty that you have brought to my life.

Rest in power, dear ones.

~ ~ ~


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